How Work-at-Home-Moms Can Build a Successful Online Business

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If you’re a stay-at-home-mom who also wants to work without being away from your children, starting an online business may be your ticket to financial success.

However, this takes effort and dedication, as well as several other considerations you need to think about before you can build a successful online business.

1. The Time Commitment

Depending on the type of business model you choose, the time commitment will vary – however, you are going to have to dedicate a block of time during your day to focus on the business. When caring for children, finding free time can seem impossible, but this is why you must take any free time available to you.

For example, you can put in work time during your child’s afternoon nap, or while they’re watching television or doing homework. Alternatively, you can get up an hour earlier each morning and dedicate that time to your work before the rest of your family wakes up. No matter how much time you have to dedicate to your online business, it’s important that are you consistent and take the time wherever you can find it.

2. Pick Your Passion

Before starting an online business, it’s important to think about the things you have a passion for. It’s too easy to get burned out and give up if you choose something that doesn’t interest you. Whether you start a blog, sell a product or any other type of online business, you need to make sure it’s about something you love.

Even choosing a subject you’re passionate about can be tiring and frustrating. Running an online business isn’t easy, but if you choose something you love you are much more likely to stick with it during the tough times. Bottom line: if it’s something you can envision yourself doing every day, it’s a great idea.

3. Determine Your Target Audience

Even if you’ve already figured out what type of online business you’d like to run, you need to figure out who your target audience will be. Who are you targeting? Is it a specific group of people (i.e., women ages 25-50?) How big is your target audience?

Once you’ve determined your target audience, that will help you be able to craft a business plan with those demographics in mind. For example, let’s stay you want to start a parenting blog. Obviously, you’ll have a very focused target audience – parents! You’ll be able to tailor your content, advertisements and product reviews/giveaways to that specific demographic, making your online business much more successful.

One way to connect with your target audience is to get social. Identifying what niches might thrive on a platform like Pinterest is definitely something to consider.

4. Assess Your Skills

Once you have an idea for an online business, you need to assess your skills and see which areas need work. For example, many work-at-home-moms who decide to venture into the online business world aren’t always prepared for the technical side of things, such as when a website goes down or your newsletter isn’t getting to your e-mail subscribers.

If your business will require you to have a working knowledge of various skills you may not possess, figure out if you can delegate those tasks to other friends or family members interested in seeing you succeed, or learn them yourself! There are many free online tutorials that can help you learn the skills you need in order to succeed with your online business, but again, this will take a time commitment.

5. Interact With Customers

Whether you’re actively selling a product or monetizing a niche blog or website, it’s important to remember that your customers (and readers) are real people, with real faces behind that computer screen. If you want a successful online business, you need to make an effort to interact with your customer base.

If you operate a blog, this can be as simple as responding promptly to reader comments and inquiries. If you operate an online shop, good customer service (responding to e-mails and phone calls in a timely manner, for example) will ensure that you retain that customer. If you start a business simply to make money while neglecting the fact that your customers are real people and not just sales, you will find that you lose customers on a regular basis.

Building Your Business

Work-at-home-moms who desire to start an online business can definitely be successful, but it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting into.

Building a successful business takes time, effort and skill, but if you pick something you are passionate about and dedicate time to your business, you can see real results and a lot of success.