Embracing the Unsubscribers

PLEASE READ: I decided to give myself a fresh start. Read more about that here.

It’s pretty common these days for my inbox to get filled with unsubscribe emails once I post something personal on my blog.

I don’t know if being transparent and getting deep makes people feel uncomfortable or if there’s another reason they are quick to leave.

It happened again a few days ago, when I decided to share a little bit about my displeasure with Instagram and brought up the fact that I was diagnosed with major depression and was placed under suicide watch.

Once in a while I’ll admit it stings to see a mass exodus out the door of my list, but I remind myself that a lot of these folks signed up back in the day and were interested in the “business” me rather than the “personal” me.

Here’s the reaction I had to the unsubscribes after it happened:

I consider these moments in my life as a cleansing of the email list, and thankfully I’ve learned not to sweat the unsubscribes when they happen.

If they don’t want to hear what I have to say, then I’m happy to show them the door on their way out. After all, this is my personal blog now and I’m not trying to sell anyone anything. There’s no soliciting around here.

Peace out.