Sometimes You Have to Say NO!

This might end up being another short post, mainly because the point that I want to speak of is relatively simple. It’s a concept that might seem foreign to some, and often times used abundantly by others.

For me, it’s something that I’ve gotten better at doing — with one exception …

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Christian Hosoi, a Redemption Story and Second Chances in Life

Christian Hosoi

Once in a while I like to step into my past for material here on my blog, and today I’ll be traveling out west for this post.

Meet Christian Hosoi, skateboarding icon from the mid ’80s, and a guy who regularly competed against skate legend Tony Hawk in competitions.

Skateboarding is tough to sum up. It is the epitome of slackerdom, a haven of useless Peter Pan-ery where children refuse to grow up, disrespect other people’s property, and blatantly disregard societal convention.

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Embracing the Unsubscribers

It’s pretty common these days for my inbox to get filled with unsubscribe emails once I post something personal on my blog.

I don’t know if being transparent and getting deep makes people feel uncomfortable or if there’s another reason they are quick to leave.

It happened again a few days ago, when I decided to share a little bit about my displeasure with Instagram and brought up the fact that I was diagnosed with major depression and was placed under suicide watch.

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The Guest Post

This is a guest post, written by B. Alter Ego, also known as the “other” Brian. Please don’t hold anything I say against him. These are my opinions, not his.

A month and a half ago, Brian redefined his website and claimed that he was going to start getting personal. Since then I’ve only seen two posts written by him, but I know that he’s a busy guy so I understand.

Here’s the thing — we all have dreams and aspirations for making things happen, but for whatever reason most of us fall short. We claim that time is the barrier to achieving our goals, but deep down we know that’s really not true.

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