About Me

About Me

I’m taking a break here — and it could be a long break. So if you’re looking to read my stuff, check out my new blog at Unfiltered.

I’ve been happily married to Shelly for almost 12 years, and recently she started her own internet business. It all started when she wanted to learn how become an Origami Owl Designer.

She signed up, and has been using the software we build to establish her own personal media brand. I’ve been fortunate enough to mentor her along the way and she’s become quite successful!

Who I Am

My name is Brian Gardner and I created this site. If you spend enough time around here, you’ll notice that I have a passion for life.

Among the things I really enjoy are traveling and listening to music such as Chris Tomlin, Hillsong United, Brooke Fraser and The Civil Wars.

I’ve always been a contemplative person, and believe in Carpe Diem. Which ultimately means that I belong in the Dead Poet’s Society.

A Little on Me

Some know me as the guy who posts photos of Starbucks on Instagram, while others know me as the guy who loves music by Sarah McLachlan.

Or if you knew me back in the early days of my life, as the aspiring poet who followed the literary works of Henry David Thoreau.

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach.

However you know me, or however you found me, I’m glad you are here.

Going Deeper

I am a believer in transparency and confess boldly that I am a Christian. From time to time, I may write about things on my site that I won’t apologize for – which will include my spiritual life and walk with God.

It’s been more than 12 years since my world came crashing down and I hit rock bottom. I realized living my life the way I wanted, and not the way God wanted, put me in the lowest point of my life.

I came to the conclusion that the deepest part of me wanted to live a genuinely happy life – that the things I was putting first, I could do without.

My life has changed in ways I can’t describe. And I owe it all to the fact that I am no longer living for myself, rather for God. I have been incredibly blessed with a beautiful wife and a wonderful son.

Life is good, and I’m thankful that I came to my senses. I speak proudly of the fact that I am a Jesus follower, and will share pieces of my journey.

Follow Me

If you’re into stalking, find me at Facebook, Google+, Instagram & Twitter. And if you promise to play nicely, feel free to contact me.

Site Colophon

I’ve never really had one of these before, but I’m frequently asked which tools I use to develop websites. Here are the ones being used on mine.

1. WordPress
The world’s greatest content management system and blog publishing tool. And yes, I’m using custom post types to display the various content.

2. Genesis Framework
This is a framework of immaculate code that is search engine optimized, secure and allows you to paint a beautiful picture for your website design.

3. Starbucks
All vehicles require energy, and my personal blog is no different. It is proudly powered by a daily dose of grande wet cappuccinos.